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Kamloops Rental Apartment Cleaning for Busy People, Part 1 – Why You Dislike Apartment Cleaning

How you feel about living in your Kamloops apartment rental or condominium depends on many factors, including location, price, apartment unit amenities and the buildings amenities. While living at Summit Village Residences will add a check mark to these boxes on your list, regardless of these positives, you may start to develop a negative perception of your space if your apartment becomes dirty and cluttered.

Let’s be honest, few people like to clean. If you’re sitting in your Kamloops apartment kitchen staring at a sink full of dishes, a dirty floor and/or cluttered living room, you know what we mean. You are not alone. Cleaning is something that evokes negative emotions in many people and becomes something many people tend to avoid.

Here are some interesting statistics about cleaning:

  • 51% of women do the daily housework compared to 20% of men.
  • 47% of couples argue about cleaning.
    They argue about who should clean (27%), how often to clean (24%), how to clean (17%), other cleaning issues (32%).
  • 87% of women feel that a clean home is a reflection of the self.
  • 95% of women feel better when their home is clean.

Statistics source: “House Cleaning by the Numbers” infographic.

Kamloops Apartment Renters Clean Less Often Than They Used To

While the argument that you have no time to clean your Kamloops apartment has some merit in these busy times, an unkempt apartment is not just a result of people being busier, it may be a result of a shift in priorities. Jill Pollack, host of Consumed, a Canadian TV show that intervenes into the disordered and dirty lives of hoarders, says “I don’t believe we don’t have time. It’s just we are not prioritizing it [cleaning]. We are trawling the Internet, we’re on Facebook, we are spending hours in front of the TV.” Pollack goes on to suggest that messy homes are a symptom of our disposable culture – Globe and Mail, “Why cleanliness is next to impossibleness“.

Overcoming the Thoughts that Prevent You from Cleaning

Resistance is often a sign that you have are battling your thoughts about what it means to clean your apartment. Perhaps you imagine the time it will take, or see all the tasks ahead of you: the mountain of laundry, a sink full of dishes, clutter in each room, dust everywhere. This type of visualization is likely what stops you. Talk to anyone who has succeeded in anything and you’ll find that while they kept the end goal in mind, they made it manageable by grouping tasks into smaller chunks with milestones in the near distance NOT on the mountain top.

Quick tips for overcoming apartment cleaning procrastination

  • Group cleaning tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks.
  • Avoid imagining all of the things you need to do. Think of one or two small tasks and write them down.
  • Schedule these tasks in your calendar.
  • Put a time limit on cleaning. Spend 30 minutes instead of several hours once per week.
  • Don’t think too much…just start! Starting is often the hardest part of any “work” including tackling the dirt in your apartment. Pick a small task, such as tidying the living room. Getting started will make you feel better, with less guilt about procrastination
  • Hire a cleaning service for an hour or two per week. It’s probably less expensive than you think. Make sure you get references (and call them) and/or hire a bondable cleaning company that cleans Kamloops apartments.

Our Kamloops Apartments Are Easier to Keep Clean

One thing is certain: it can be difficult to keep an older apartment clean. There is just something about a newer, modern apartment that makes you want to keep it clean and new. Our Kamloops apartment rentals, built in 2014, have clean, open, airy spaces, large windows, beautiful laminate flooring, gleaming appliances and aesthetically appealing designs. Because these suites are modern, clean and attractive, you’ll be more inclined to keep them that way. To make your apartment cleaning easier and help you reduce clutter, each unit has in-suite laundry and your own storage unit included.

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