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Kamloops Rental Apartment Cleaning for Busy People, Part 2 – Apartment Cleaning Tips and Schedule

Last month, in part 1 of “Kamloops Apartment Cleaning for Busy People” we discussed why people resist cleaning and provided some tips that help overcome procrastination. This month, we provide the ultimate tool to help keep your Kamloops apartment rental clean, and it’s not a vacuum; it’s a daily schedule!

Cleaning a little each day will allow you to group cleaning tasks into manageable chunks so you don’t become overwhelmed. If, like many apartment renters, you are a weekend cleaner, you may be wasting much of your well-deserved time off cleaning, when you should be out there enjoying what Kamloops has to offer. Cleaning your apartment a little each day (even just 20 minutes) will keep your apartment in shape without inducing that gnawing “Saturday morning cleaning blues” feeling that many people get when faced with doing it all on the weekend.

As you learned in part 1, when thinking about cleaning your Kamloops apartment, think of each step, not the entire climb to the mountain top.  With a daily cleaning schedule, you spend just 20-30 minutes a day cleaning something. Because the task has an end you can see, you won’t feel the resistance you might feel if you have to do everything at once. You can also see the light at the end of the tunnel. Pop in the ear buds, listen to some music, and clean! In 20 minutes, you can get back to enjoying your day! Best of all, when the weekend comes, you’ll be free to enjoy it!

Before you make an apartment cleaning schedule:

  • Do a quick survey of each room.
  • Write a list of tasks for each room (dusting, vacuuming, tidying up, surface clean, deep clean).
  • Transfer your tasks to the schedule.

An Example Two-Week Rotating Apartment Cleaning Schedule

The following schedule starts with daily maintenance tasks. Daily maintenance cleaning tasks are the backbone of an apartment cleaning regimen because they stop work from piling up and keep your apartment in order. Then, the schedule begins a two-week rotation broken down by room and alternating a light-cleaning week with a deep-cleaning week. For most Kamloops apartment renters, daily cleaning tasks should take no more than 20-30 minutes. The great thing is that on the weekend, instead of doing a week’s worth of chores in a day, you can do your daily maintenance cleaning and enjoy the rest of your day. You can kick back and enjoy your clean apartment, or get out there for some recreation.

Day Apartment Cleaning Task
Daily maintenance cleaning Clean kitchen surfaces, load dishwasher, wipe counters, put dishes away.
Daily maintenance cleaning One load of laundry.
Daily maintenance cleaning Tidy: make bed, pick up clothing, pick up clutter like magazines, newspapers, dishes, toys.
1-Task Each Day of the Month
Monday Living room light cleaning: light vacuuming or sweeping, quick dusting,
Tuesday Bedroom(s) light cleaning: light vacuuming or sweeping, quick dusting.
Wednesday Kitchen light cleaning: clean stove surface and knobs, clean microwave surface and interior, sweep and mop floor.
Thursday Bathroom light cleaning: sweep or vacuum, remove/replace dirty towels, spray clean surfaces, sink, clean toilet bowl, empty waste basket.
Friday Laundry room light cleaning: wipe surfaces, vacuum or sweep, empty waste basket.
Saturday Daily chores then enjoy your day.
Sunday Daily chores then enjoy your day.
Monday Living room deep cleaning: vacuum, vacuum upholstery, vacuum under couches and chairs, clean windows, wipe finger prints from door frames
Tuesday Bedroom(s) deep cleaning: clean windows, sills, bedside table tops, organize inside bedside tables, wipe door frames and doors, vacuum under bed, organize clothing drawers, closet.
Wednesday Kitchen deep cleaning: mop floor, clean appliance surfaces, clean inside stove.
Thursday Bathroom deep cleaning: clean toilet bowl and surface, clean lid, mop floor, remove waste, clean and disinfect toothbrushes and toothbrush holders, clean cabinets and under sink, wipe door and door frame.
Friday Laundry room deep cleaning: tidy shelves, remove old detergent bottles/boxes, wipe surfaces, knobs and handles, vacuum and mop floor, tidy shelves.
Saturday Daily chores then enjoy your day.
Sunday Daily chores then enjoy your day.
Repeat the two-week cycle


Get more ideas to help keep your apartment clean. Read “Start the 30-Day Cleaning Challenge“.

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