Kamloops Apartment Security Tips

Kamloops Apartment and Condo Security – Part 2: Tips 6-10

Last month, in part 1 of the series, we provided tips 1-5 of Kamloops apartment and condo security tips. This month, we complete the list of 10 tips. As discussed last month, apartment security is only as strong as the weakest link. These tips can help ensure that you aren’t the weak link. Although Summit Village Residences has many security features, individual vigilance is the best defence against property crime.

As we stated last month, Kamloops condo / apartment break-ins occur even in the best of neighbourhoods, but, there are many things we can do to safeguard against break-ins and other property crime.

  1. Inform a neighbour if you are going away on vacation.
    Inform your neighbours when you are going on vacation – even if only for a couple of days. They can keep an eye out for suspicious activities.
  2. Always lock your vehicle and never leave valuables inside.
    Even if you will be returning to your vehicle in a few minutes, always lock it and don’t leave valuables inside (including your phone or other electronic gadgets). You may think that hiding belongings under the seat or under a coat or other cover protects them, but it doesn’t. It takes a skilled vehicle burglar seconds to break in. They will look under that coat in the back seat! If your car doesn’t have an ignition immobilizer (most older cars will not) consider purchasing a steering wheel lock to prevent theft of your vehicle itself.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings.
    One way to increase personal safety is to be aware of your surroundings and look like you are aware of your surroundings. If you are driving into the parking lot at night, look around before you exit your vehicle. When entering the building, look around as you walk to the entrance. Look for suspicious people and be alert (not talking on your phone, texting or listening to music with earbuds in).
  4. Don’t announce your movements on social media.
    Social media is great for communicating with friends, it’s also a great way for burglars to find potentially vacant Kamloops apartments that are easy targets. Never announce that you are away from home or post photos while you are on vacation. Why? Research about social media and property crime was undertaken in 2011 by Friedland, a home security firm. Here’s what Friedland’s poll of 50 burglars revealed about the dangers of sharing personal information on social media.

    “78% of burglars have said that social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare are used to select properties”.

    “54% also said that posting their status and whereabouts on social networking sites was a common mistake made by homeowners”.

  5. If you lose a copy of your apartment door key or electronic FOB, report it immediately.
    The lock should be replaced.

Whether you live in a Kamloops condo or apartment the tips above will ensure that you, your apartment building, and your unit are safe. Although our neighbourhood and building are safe and secure compared to many, it’s best to take all possible precautions.

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