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10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Kamloops 2 Bedroom Apartment Rental
Part 2 – Narrow Your Search

Last month, in part 1 “Track Your Kamloops Apartment Hunt“, we discussed using a spreadsheet so you can easily compare apples to apples. This month, we’ll help you narrow your search for the perfect Kamloops 2 bedroom apartment for rent.

Download our apartment hunting spreadsheet.

6) Tour the neighborhood

While the size, age, design, and maintenance of the Kamloops 2 bedroom apartment rental are important, it’s easy to overlook the surrounding neighborhood. Take a walk or drive around the neighborhood. Get a feel for it. Every neighborhood has a distinct personality, so you’ll want to ensure the neighborhood fits you. Are the streets clean? Are neighboring buildings or shops well-maintained? Are there many young people, families, adults, seniors? Undesirable elements?

7) Meet your neighbors

On your tour of the neighborhood, stop and chat with people you pass around the building and on the street. Let them know you are considering a move and want to know what others think about living in the building and the area. People are often very forthcoming and helpful, particularly because most have been in your shoes. Ask them how they like living in the neighborhood, about the people, noise, driving, restaurants, and entertainment.

8) Talk to building management

While building managers often have many questions for prospective tenants, you too should make a list of questions to ask them. Be frank and open. You might ask questions about the turnover, the average age of tenants, suite maintenance and repairs, how responsive management is when there are problems and how long it takes to fix a problem in a suite.

At Summit Village Residences, we take pride in our building. The building, grounds and suites are well maintained, and if there is an issue, we are quick to respond and take care of it.

9) Compare Kamloops 2 bedroom apartment rentals

After visiting several 2 bedroom apartments, spend a few days revisiting your apartment hunting spreadsheet. Assign a rating from 1-10 based on what your notes say, and what your instincts tell you.

10) Narrow your search and revisit

Once you have compared your spreadsheet notes, eliminate the Kamloops apartment rentals that you definitely don’t want to live in. Keep the highest rated apartments. Once you have pared your list down to a few, arrange for a second visit if you need one last look.

Once you’ve revisited, consider what is important to you. Does anything stand out? At this stage, price is usually less of a driver than overall value. Having done your homework, made comparisons, and narrowed the field, it’s likely that the best choice for you will stand out.

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