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10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Kamloops 2 Bedroom Apartment Rental

Part 1 – Track Your Apartment Hunt

If you are searching for a Kamloops 2 bedroom apartment for rent, there is a lot to consider. Cost, location, apartment amenities and neighbourhood are often the most important factors determining the right fit. The following 10 tips might help you narrow the field of choices.

While we hope you choose a Summit Village Residences 2 bedroom apartment, to rent, our tips will help you regardless of the choice you make.

1) Create a spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet to keep notes and checklists about an apartment you are considering. A spreadsheet will keep your search organized, help you remember details, and provide an at-a-glance method for comparing 2 bedroom apartment rentals in Kamloops.

If you create your own spreadsheet, some columns you may consider are: building name, address, date available, rental rate per month, , building and apartment amenities, ease of access to public transit, estimated travel time to work and/or school, nearest restaurants and shopping, neighbourhood, management and maintenance, neighbours and overall rating.

In your spreadsheet, you could add a link to the apartment building’s website and a Google Streets view link to show the building and surrounding area. When you visit an apartment, note your thoughts for certain columns (such as amenities, management, neighbours) and rate the apartment from 1 to 10 (10 being best). Follow your instincts and support those impressions with facts from observations or by asking questions. When you return home from your apartment visit, transfer the information to your spreadsheet.

Download our apartment hunting spreadsheet (XLSX).

2) Compare rent and utility costs

Budget is often foremost on the minds of anyone searching for a Kamloops 2 bedroom apartment rental. Create a monthly budget and figure out the maximum monthly rent you can reasonably afford.

Though cost is important, always consider what you are getting for the price. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Paying more doesn’t necessarily mean better amenities and paying less doesn’t have to mean “cheap” or “old”. While price is often proportional to quality, there are always exceptions. In the end, there are many factors, including your personal preferences that figure into a calculation of “value”.

3) Compare location

Location is of course high on the list when searching for Kamloops apartment rentals. If the location is far from amenities, TRU (if you are a student), or work, how will its remoteness affect your daily life? Will it be difficult for driving or parking? Summit Village Residences is a great example of balance. It’s location in a central area on Summit Drive provides easy access to bus, shopping and other amenities. We are a quick bus trip to and from TRU, and close to the best supermarkets, malls and entertainment in the city.

4) Compare amenities

When viewing apartments, compare each rental’s suite and its building amenities. Make lists and transfer them to your apartment hunting spreadsheet. When shopping for an apartment, it’s very easy to forget the details you saw (or didn’t see) during your visit. Logging the amenities for future reference and comparison will help you make decision later and will save you frustration.

Amenities to note may include:

  •  In-suite laundry
  • Storage
  • Parking
  • Building fitness room
  • Barbecue areas
  • Grounds (green space, gardens)
  • WiFi, cable.

Summit Village Residences is a new apartment complex that has all of the amenities listed above.

5) Check out bus routes and driving routes

If you depend on public transit, find out where the closest bus stop is. Is the bus route a main line that will take you close to work or school? How many buses will you have to take to reach your destination? How long is the bus trip? If you drive, how long will it take you to get to work?

We recommend using Google maps to time bus, driving, and walking from your apartment to different destinations.

Next month, we’ll continue with this list and discuss narrowing your search for your ideal 2 bedroom apartment in Kamloops.

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