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Kamloops Rental Apartment Cleaning for Busy People, Part 2 – Apartment Cleaning Tips and Schedule

Last month, in part 1 of “Kamloops Apartment Cleaning for Busy People” we discussed why people resist cleaning and provided some tips that help overcome procrastination. This month, we provide the ultimate tool to help keep your Kamloops apartment rental clean, and it’s not a vacuum; it’s a daily schedule! Read more

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Kamloops Rental Apartment Cleaning for Busy People, Part 1 – Why You Dislike Apartment Cleaning

How you feel about living in your Kamloops apartment rental or condominium depends on many factors, including location, price, apartment unit amenities and the buildings amenities. While living at Summit Village Residences will add a check mark to these boxes on your list, regardless of these positives, you may start to develop a negative perception of your space if your apartment becomes dirty and cluttered. Read more