Kitchen in Summit apartment, Kamloops BC

10 Benefits of Off-Campus Living for Thompson Rivers University Students

If you are a TRU student (or soon will be this fall), you may have considered applying for a Thompson Rivers University residence on campus. Although TRU housing is suitable for many students, it’s not for everyone, and there are benefits to living in off-campus housing. Summit Village Residences in Kamloops offers TRU student housing options for singles or roommates, in a new building with modern in-suite amenities, and only a short bus trip, drive, or walk to campus. Read more

Kamloops Apartment Kitchen

Don’t miss out on these brand new Kamloops apartment rentals

If you’re planning to attend Thompson Rivers University (TRU), now is the time to start thinking about an apartment for rent in Kamloops so you don’t miss out. Demand for off-campus housing is very high, since there is minimal accommodation available on campus at TRU, and there are very few apartment rentals located within walking distance of the university. Read more

TRU Residences Off-Campus

Off-campus housing within walking of Thompson Rivers University

With minimal TRU housing available on-campus, and very few off-campus housing options within walking distance of Thompson Rivers University, we have built 88 modern condominium suites designed specifically for students. Read more