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TRU Housing vs. Off-Campus Housing: Why Living Off-Campus May Be a Better Choice for Some Students

While TRU housing is a good fit for some students, living on campus isn’t for everyone, nor is space always available for all that would like to. Many students choose to rent at Summit Village Residences for the best of both worlds: more freedom and space, while still in very close proximity to TRU.

In this blog post, we list the pros and cons of living in Thompson Rivers University housing or in off-campus housing.

TRU Housing Pros

  • Close to classes and TRU resources, eliminates commuting
  • More social interaction
  • Quick access to on-campus food services, recreational facilities, and support services
  • 24/7 security patrols on campus
  • Residences are furnished, with utilities and internet included in some residences
  • Easy access to TRU library, study rooms and tutors
  • Structured lifestyle that may help facilitate good study habits
  • Easy access to TRU student clubs, fitness and sports

TRU Housing Cons

  • Can be more expensive than off-campus housing options
  • Lack of privacy, can’t choose your own roommate
  • On-campus living can be noisy and distracting
  • Living spaces are much smaller than off-campus housing
  • Strict rules in residences limits freedoms
  • Limited dining options and variety, especially for strict dietary needs
  • Shared amenities and facilities
  • Less independence
  • Neighbour and roommate conflicts might arise more frequently

Visit the TRU Residences web pages.

Off-Campus Housing Pros

  • More independence and personal freedom
  • Private, less noise, fewer distractions
  • Suite size options suitable to a variety of budgets
  • Can be more affordable if you share a suite with a roommate
  • Larger living spaces, more amenities, storage, and shared space, such as Summit Village Residence’s fitness room and picnic area with barbecue
  • Close to campus, many neighbourhood amenities close by, such as shopping centres, restaurants, pubs, entertainment and recreation
  • Freedom to make your suite your own by choosing your own furniture and décor
  • Valuable life experience and opportunity to learn to live independently and responsibly
  • You choose your roommate, which means better compatibility and likely less conflict
  • Leases provide long-term stability

Off-Campus Housing Cons

  • Commuting to TRU can be time-consuming depending on where you rent in Kamloops. This isn’t the case with Summit Village Residences, because our two adjacent apartment buildings are so close to TRU: a 5-minute drive, 7-8 minute bicycle ride, 10-15 minutes bus ride, or a 25-minute walk. View a Google map of our location.
  • You may feel a bit more isolated, have less social interaction, and can’t access campus resources as easily
  • You are responsible for paying utility costs
  • You have to learn to be a considerate neighbour and resolve conflict in an adult manner
  • Requires more budgeting and time management skills
  • Furniture, décor, and kitchenware isn’t included, so there will be an initial outlay of money to purchase these items
  • More time required to shop and prepare food

Summit Village Residences – An Alternative to TRU Housing

If Thompson Rivers University housing seems like it would limit your independence and amenity choices, you may want to consider renting at Summit Village Residences. Many students live in our apartment buildings, attracted by the modern design, convenient access to neighbourhood shopping and services, and close proximity to TRU.

Questions? Read Summit Village Residences FAQ. To book a viewing, please complete our Check Apartment Availability form. A representative will contact you with next steps in a few business days.