Apartment rentals in kamloops with gym

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions
at Summit Village Residences in Kamloops

If you are looking for places for rent in Kamloops, are a student planning to attend TRU, or are planning to relocate to Kamloops in the near future, you will find ample opportunity to accomplish New Year’s resolutions. Here are some tips to help you – using amenities at Summit Village Residences and outdoor lifestyle opportunities that make renting in Kamloops so attractive.

January is traditionally a time to pause a bit and look back over the past months or year. What were your goals for the past year? Where do you stand now? It’s also a good time to create new goals that are realistic and attainable for you.

According to research, approximately 50 percent of the population makes resolutions each New Year. The most popular goals are to: lose weight, exercise more, manage money better, get out of debt, and quit bad habits.

Also according to research studies, however: “The first two weeks usually go along beautifully, but by February people are backsliding. And by the following December most people are back where they started—often even further behind.” – Psychology Today

Beat the New Year’s Resolution Odds

So why do so few reach their goals? Well, it is winter, which makes it hard to stay energized and motivated, but setting unrealistic goals and being not quite ready to change habits accounts for much of the high failure rate. There are ways, however, to make it more likely that you will follow up on your promises to yourself:

  1. Focus on one resolution, and set realistic, specific goals. (“To lose weight” is general; “to lose 10 pounds in 60 days” is specific.)
  2. Tell someone close to you and report your progress.
  3. Celebrate your successes in small steps.
  4. Focus your thinking on success. Visualize the goals you’d like to achieve.
  5. Focus on the present. Take a step each day toward your goal.
  6. Practise mindfulness.
  7. And finally, take stock of all that Kamloops has to offer apartment renters. You have a cornucopia of healthy lifestyle choices at your doorstep.

How Summit Village Residences Encourages Healthy Living

If you currently renting, or are considering 1 or 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Kamloops, you may not have the space to exercise at home, or, your neighbourhood may not have convenient lifestyle amenities that encourage you to take steps toward healthy living.

Does your neighbourhood have easy access to green spaces? Are there fitness facilities nearby, so that distance does not stop you when pressed for time? Are there nearby places to walk and bike, golf and run, ski and boat? Do you have enough storage for bikes and other fitness gear? Are there nearby shops that stock local fresh foods? Cafés or restaurants serving healthy fresh meals?

There are many places to rent in Kamloops, but a lifestyle-focused property such as Summit Village Residences offers renters many opportunities for healthy living. Amenities include: shared green space and a barbecue area with beautiful vistas, a fitness room with the latest equipment, and many convenient neighbourhood amenities that will help make this year’s resolutions come true.

Lifestyle amenities at Summit Village Residences in Kamloops

This winter, you can start with an exercise program in the Summit Village Residences fitness room and get out there for some skiing and skating at nearby Sun Peaks. Come spring, take advantage of local lakes and the Kamloops River for swimming, boating and fishing, or take in some fresh air and burn some calories walking the greens at one of many great Kamloops golf courses.

For those who have also resolved to save money, every type of running, walking, and wheeled adventure is close by. For details on where to go for outdoor activities if you rent in Kamloops, check out the Kamloops Directory of Activities.

Great for a couple, or to share with a friend, we have just a few remaining 2 bedroom apartments for rent. You can register here to contact us.